About East Taiwan Surf

Taidong is very special place in Taiwan.Taiwan has 13 indigenous tribes. Taidong has out of 7 tribes.They have their own language and culture live together with this rich land for long long time.Low pressure hostel is locating at Dong He village in  Amis tribe village.We have rich seafood and organic vegetable which is from our neighbor.Clean and good service from the friendly stuff.

Lots of surfer visit from all over the world. Because Sep-May we have north east wind monsoon.That's gives us around head high good wave constantly with lots of variation of the break!!
Less surfer, safe country, friendly people.You will find natural beauty here.

ADD: 99 Nan dong He,Dong He-sian, Tai Dong sien, Taiwan│TEL: +886(0)89-896738│mail: ibu1277@hotmail.com
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